Advent of Writing 2020

Dear Writer,

    I am Martin Dilling-Hansen. And I have created Advent of Writing.
The idea came from a conversation with my wife, that it could be an
interesting challenge to write a short christmas story for each
day of christmas. The idea evolved a bit in my head, and inspired a bunch by
the format of Advent of Code by Eric Wastl, I ended up with this site.
I hope you will enjoy the challenges and write some interesting and wonderful
christmas stories. Either way, I would love to hear about your experiences.
And if you like the idea, I would appreciate it if you shared it around to
people who might be interested.

    In the future I would love to expand this site with functionality to read
submissions from others, as it would be interesting to see how other people
handled the same challenge.

    I hope the challenges work, and are both interesting and possible. I am not
the biggest writer myself, but I've wanted to write more. And I have read
countless writing prompts and challenge ideas. So if any of my challenges seem
directly copied, and if attribution is needed, please get in touch.

                            Merry christmas and
                              write well,

        Martin Dilling-Hansen
            Jystryp, Denmark